v5.38 / 29.1.2018

  • updated all images
  • added H3/H5 testing images with kernel 4.14.y
  • added Nanopi M3/T3+/Fire testing image
  • fixed Bluetooth on Orangepi Win
  • main repository update with recent kernel on all NEXT builds

v5.37 / 23.1.2018

  • bugfix release
  • armbianmonitor -u fix
  • setting cronjob permissions
  • replace broken u-boot packages on A20 boards
  • updated utilities: hostapd, sunxi-tools, armbian-config
  • updated images: Bananapi, PRO, M2, BeelinkX2, Clearfog,Cubieboard2, Cubietruck, Cubox-i/HB, Espressobin, Helios4

v5.36 / 3.12.2017

v5.35 / 25.11.2017

  • mainline kernel updated to 4.13.y
  • mainline u-boot updated to v2017.09
  • added new sunxi Device Tree overlays, fixed and improved old overlays
  • Micro-USB g_serial console is enabled by default on most small Allwiner based boards
  • Olimex Lime2 and Micro: merging eMMC and normal versions
  • Odroid C2: next and dev branches migrated to mainline u-boot
  • Odroid XU4: added dev branch, next branch migrated to mainline u-boot
  • Clearfog: added dev branch with mainline u-boot
  • added supports for 7” RPi display to Tinkerboard with legacy kernel
  • All mainline kernels: added Realtek 8811AU/8812AU/8814AU USB wireless driver with monitor mode and frame injection
  • All boards: added kernel source packages to the repository (Package names linux-source-${BRANCH}-${LINUXFAMILY}, i.e. linux-source-sunxi-next)
  • Kernel headers are no longer installed by default to new images
  • Additional out of tree drivers and USB Redirector are no longer installed by default to new images
  • Switching from emergency swap to zram on new Ubuntu Xenial images
  • New hardware support (stable/supported images): NanoPi Duo, Orange Pi R1, Pinebook
  • New hardware support (experimental): Le Potato, NanoPi NEO 2, Orange Pi Zero Plus, Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 (H5)
  • sunxi mainline u-boot: reenabled USB keyboard support and disabled stopping the boot sequence with any key - autoboot now can be aborted with

Desktop images:

  • xterm was replaced with full featured xfce terminal,
  • added memory profile caching for Chromium,
  • added OpenVPN connector,
  • shortcuts to armbian-config, support and donate were moved to menu,
  • default icon theme was changed to lighter one (Numix),
  • fixed login greeter theme,
  • changed wallpaper.
  • changed CMA handling on Allwinner legacy kernels


  • was splitted from board support packages to a new package armbian-config
  • managing board hardware configurations, hotspot, Bluetooth, SSH server
  • freezing/unfreezing kernel upgrade
  • switching between stable and beta builds,
  • switching between alternative kernels,
  • installing/uninstalling kernel headers,
  • changing timezone, locales, hostname,
  • running diagnostic tools,
  • enabling/disabling RDP server,
  • 3rd party software installer: Samba, OMV, Pi hole, Transmission, …

Build script:

  • added Debian Stretch
  • most tweaks moved from inline files to separate files in board support package
  • firmware blobs moved to a separate repository
  • disabled distcc in extra software compilation process due to toolchain compatibility issues

Known problems

v5.34 / 18.10.2017

v5.33 / 24.09.2017

  • Odroid XU4/HC1 images were rebuilt.

v5.33 / 21.09.2017

  • Tinkerboard and MiQi images were rebuilt. Rockchip legacy kernel was updated to 4.4.88 and mainline (NEXT) to 4.13.3.

v5.32 / 23.06.2017

v5.31 / 15.06.2017

End of support notice

Following boards are no longer receiving support and updates since this version:

  • Cubieboard (Allwinner A10) - not enough hardware samples to maintain support
  • Lamobo R1 (Allwinner A20) - hardware design flaws, poor software support for the onboard switch
  • Olimex Lime A10

v5.30 / 14.06.2017

  • mainline kernel updated to 4.11
  • mainline u-boot updated to v2017.05
  • Firefox was replaced with Chromium (desktop images)
  • sunxi mainline configuration: added Device Tree overlays support (new images only)
  • sunxi mainline configuration: added armbian-add-overlay helper for compiling and activating DT overlays (new images only)
  • log2ram: fixed saving /var/log contents on shutdown
  • new hardware support (stable/supported images): Xunlong Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 (H3), ASUS TinkerBoard, MiQi
  • reworked package updates MOTD script to speed up the login process
  • added config file /etc/default/armbian-motd for disabling MOTD components
  • added armbian-config dialog-based configuration program (WIP)
  • Banana Pi M2: fixed HDMI video output
  • Clearfog: adjusted temperature readout
  • i.MX6 mainline: enabled support for HDMI audio and PCIe bus

End of support notice

Following boards are no longer receiving support and updates since this version:

  • Orange Pi (Allwinner A20) - no hardware samples, out of stock
  • Orange Pi Mini (Allwinner A20) - no hardware samples, out of stock
  • LeMaker Guitar (Actions S500)
  • Roseapple Pi (Actions S500)

v5.26,5.27 / 24.02.2017

  • security update for most kernels (packages only)
  • fixes for hostapd configuration

v5.25 / 2.2.2017

  • nand-sata-install expanded functionality: you can partition destination and choose file-system type: ext2, ext3, ext4 and BTRFS (BTRFS requires kernel 4.4+)
  • added new boards: Clearfog Base, Lime2 eMMC, Lime A33, NanoPi M1+, OrangePi Zero, OrangePi PC2 (mainline only, experimental)
  • new default kernel for Clearfog(s), changed kernel family to “mvebu” to avoid conflicts
  • disabled wireless power management by default to improve performance with certain drivers
  • added wireless drivers to mainline kernels: OrangePi Zero, Neo Air
  • implemented initrd loading support for all boards
  • moved all images to single ext4 partition scheme
  • changed default wallpaper, startup icon, shadows to windows on desktop builds
  • Firefox web cache moved to memory
  • added g_serial driver to boards without a network connector, working on both kernel (Opi Zero,Opi Lite,FA Neo Air)
  • added “Software boutique” application installer on desktop builds (currently not working properly on arm64)
  • added per board patching option
  • added u-boot video driver and boot logo to H3 based boards
  • added simplefb video driver (HDMI only) to mainline H3 kernel
  • updated MALI driver on H3 platform, fixed problems on 2GB boards
  • changed Ethernet switch driver on Lamobo R1 to DSA based one (mainline kernel)
  • fixed soft cursor (CLI) for H3 legacy and Odroid C2
  • expand and adjust multiple kernel configurations based on user requests
  • adjusted sunxi boot script to support booting in SPI flash + USB storage scenario (w/o the SD card)
  • dropped support for Debian Wheezy and Ubuntu Trusty releases
  • sunxi mainline kernel was updated to 4.9.x, some dev kernels to 4.10
  • added log2ram (Ramlog alternative) to default installation
  • changed first run logic, disabled forced automatic reboot
  • changed new user account creation logic, disabled forced reboot on user creation failure


  • this version is not released, it was used for the nightly or user-built images

v5.23 / 23.10.2016

  • fixed bug in nand-sata-install
  • fixed u-boot update bug on Allwinner platform

Known problems:

  • Lamobo R1 fails to boot upon upgrade

v5.22 / 22.10.2016

  • fixed eMMC install on Odroid C2
  • firmware package was splitted into minimal (default) and full versions
  • patched Dirty COW exploit on all kernels
  • added Odroid XU4 mainline kernel image
  • added Olimex A33 mainline kernel image
  • added Overlay FS for Cubox, Udoo and Udoo Neo
  • booting problems fixed on more boards
  • updated wireless driver on M2+ (dhd)
  • updated driver for OV5640 on sun8i default kernel
  • sunxi-next kernel version updated to 4.8.4
  • BananaPi M1+ now uses upstream DTB file sun7i-a20-bananapi-m1-plus.dtb, boot script adjusting may be required for existing images

Desktop images:

  • prebuilt mpv and FFmpeg were removed in favor of providing only configuration files
  • fixed an issue with video brightness on A10/A20 based boards

Build script:

  • DEBUG_MODE was renamed to CREATE_PATCHES
  • GLshim was moved to a private directory, it can be activated for selected applications by changing LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Known problems:

  • eMMC install fails (will be fixed in bugfix update)
  • H3 development kernel (4.8.4) update fails to boot
  • C2 upgrade hangs on compiling headers (Jessie)

v5.20 / 16.9.2016

  • added FriendlyARM Neo legacy and mainline images (experimental)
  • added Orange Pi PC+ mainline kernel (experimental)
  • added Pine64 / Pine64+ images with legacy kernel
  • added UUID support for NAND/SATA/USB installer
  • added desktop images for Cubox(s) / Hummingboard(s) with mainline kernel
  • enabled MIDI sequencer and snd-rawmidi-seq in H3 legacy kernel
  • added H3 consumption tool to control board consumtion level on legacy kernel
  • fixed and enabled Bluetooth on Cubietruck and Cubox(s) / Hummigboard(s) desktop, both kernels
  • masked p2p0 wifi direct device on Bluetooth legacy kernel
  • Odroid C1/C2 upgrade fail fixed
  • wireless enabled by default on Banana Pi PRO
  • added new screen resolutions to H3 boards with legacy kernel
  • DeviceTree Overlay ConfigFS interface for H3 mainline kernel
  • update of mainline u-boot to 2016.09 should fix boot failures on H3 boards with eMMC
  • disabled USB keyboard support in mainline u-boot should fix boot failures with connected USB devices

Desktop images:

  • WICD was replaced with NetworkManager
  • ALSA was replaced with PulseAudio
  • sunxi boards: GLshim was added to desktop images with Mali support (except for Orange Pi Plus and Orange Pi Plus 2e)
  • sunxi boards: prebuilt mpv now supports OSD and subtitles, activated by setting environment variable VDPAU_OSD=1

Build script:

  • complete desktop building rework - now packages are built from sources
  • added Lime 2 eMMC as build target (WIP)
  • added Pine64 / Pine64+ mainline (dev) target (experimental)
  • added FriendlyArm Neo as build target
  • fixed MT7601 wifi driver building
  • github download rework
  • external toolchain rework

Added additional packages, not installed by default:

  • hostapd-realtek: replacement for hostapd with support for several Realtek Wi-Fi adapters
  • fswebcam-gc2035: replacement for fswebcam with support for GC2035 camera driver for H3 based boards
  • guvcview: replacement for stock guvcview with support for H3-based Orange Pi CMOS cameras

Known problems:

  • Mali OpenGL ES does not work on H3 boards with 2GB RAM (Orange Pi Plus 2, Orange Pi Plus 2e)
  • Hardware video decoding on A10/A20 based boards produces dark video
  • Some applications that depend on livav libraries (i.e. minidlna) may not work on Jessie images

v5.17 / 7.7.2016

  • bugfix release on some boards.

v5.16 / 5.7.2016

  • bugfix release. In 5.15 we accidentaly overwrote default network settings. Check /etc/network/interfaces if you use advanced network settings or fixed ip.
  • small changes.

v5.15 / 1.7.2016

  • Added improved camera driver for Xunlong’s cheap 2MP GC2035 camera
  • Improved throttling/DRAM settings for the new 3 overheating H3 devices (BPi M2+, NanoPi M1, Beelink X2)
  • Added official support for Beelink X2, NanoPi M1, Banana Pi M2+
  • Improved console output (serial + display)
  • Finally got rid of (broken) board auto detection. We do not ship any more one image for several devices that tries to detect/fix things on 1st boot but provide one dedicated image per board (Plus and Plus 2 and both NanoPi M1 variants being handled as the same device since only size of DRAM/eMMC differs)
  • Tried to improve user experience with better/unified led handling (light directly after boot, communicate booting states through blinking)
  • Improve partitioning and filesystem resize on 1st boot making it easier to clone every installation media afterwards
  • fully support installation on eMMC on all H3 devices (u-boot and nand-sata-install.sh fixes)
  • Improved performance/thermal/throttling behaviour on all H3 boards (especially newer Oranges)
  • Prevent HDMI screen artefacts (disabling interfering TV Out by default)
  • Enhanced 8189ETV driver for older Oranges
  • Added support for OPi Lite, PC Plus and Plus 2E including new 8189FTV Wi-Fi (client, AP and monitoring mode, added fix for random MAC address)
  • Added in-kernel corekeeper patch (bringing back killed CPU cores after heavy overheating situations when thermal situation is ok again)
  • Added TV Out patch for Orange Pi PC
  • Further improve driver compilation due to improved kernel headers scripts compilation
  • Initrd support
  • increased kernel version to 3.4.112
  • Exchanged whole kernel source tree to newer BSP variant, cleaned up sources, rebased all +100 patches (fixed display issues and kswapd bug, new and more performant GPU driver, increase Mali400MP2 clock to 600MHz)
  • Added RTL2832U drivers to kernel (DVB-T)
  • Fixed Docker on Odroid XU4
  • Added overlay fs to Clearfog and Odroid XU4
  • Many minor fixes

v5.14 / 14.6.2016

  • all images rebuilt, most of them were manually tested
  • added Beelink X2 image
  • Cubox / Hummingboard kernel upgrade to 3.14.72 and 4.6.2
  • Trusty was replaced with Xenial

v5.12 / 31.5.2016

  • updated C1 images
  • added wifi driver for new Oranges (modprobe 8189fs)
  • added Orange Pi Lite, PC Plus and Plus 2E images

v5.11 / 24.5.2016

  • Various bug fixes
  • new working images for Actions Semi S500 boards

v5.10 / 1.5.2016


  • all 3.10+ kernels are Docker ready
  • all A10/A20/H3 comes with HW accelerated video playback in desktop build
  • fixed root exploit on H3 boards
  • fixed kswapd 100% bug on H3 boards
  • fixed SPDIF / I2S audio driver in legacy kernel
  • fixed Udoo Neo wireless
  • fixed slow SD cards boot
  • fixed Allwinner SS driver
  • fixed bluetooth on Cubietruck, both kernels
  • fixed wireless driver on H3 boards
  • fixed R1 switch driver
  • kernel for Allwinner boards was upgraded to 3.4.112 & 4.5.2
  • kernel for iMx6 boards was upgraded to 3.14.67 & 4.5.2
  • kernel for Armada (Clearfog) was upgraded to 3.10.101 & 4.5.2
  • kernel for Udoo boards was updated to 3.14.67 & 4.4.8
  • kernel for Guitar (Lemaker) was upgraded to 3.10.101
  • kernel for H3/sun8i legacy come from new Allwinner updated source (friendlyarm)
  • added support for Olimex Lime2 eMMC
  • increased MALI clockspeed on sun8i/legacy
  • added Armbianmonitor
  • added Odroid C1, C2(arm64), Nanopi M1, Banana M2+, Pcduino 2 and Pcduino 3. CLI and desktop
  • added wifi radar to desktop
  • added preview mainline kernel images for H3 boards (4.6.RC1)
  • added initrd creation on all Allwinner images
  • added Hummigboard 2 with working PCI and onboard wireless with legacy kernel 3.14.65
  • added eMMC installer for H3
  • added support for IFB and net scheduling for sun7i-legacy
  • added ax88179_178a USB 3.0 Ethernet driver for sun7i-legacy
  • hostapd comes as separate package (armbian-hostapd)
  • changed first boot procedure and force user creation
  • verbose / no verbose boot works almost on all boards
  • enabled I2S on sun8i
  • removed Debian Wheezy from auto build
  • installing headers autocompile scripts
  • all images come compressed with 7zip

Build script:

  • GCC 5 support for mainline and allwinner legacy
  • RAW images are not compressed by default
  • added arm64 building support
  • added docker as host
  • Added Belink X2 (H3 based media player), and Roseapple (S500) as WIP target
  • introducted CLI_TARGET per board
  • prepared FEL boot
  • prepared Xenial target
  • fixed USB redirector building on all kernels
  • support for Xenial as a build host is 95% ready.
  • implemented automatic toolchain selection
  • come cleanup, configurations are subfoldered
  • extended_deboostrap becomes default

Known bugs:

  • Udoo Neo reboots takes a while, 1min+
  • headers within sun8i needs some fixing
  • H3 board autodetection fail under certain conditions

v5.06 / 18.3.2016

  • increase kernel version to 3.4.111
  • headers auto creation while install (eases kernel/driver compilation)
  • improved SD card partitioning to help old/slow cards with wear leveling and garbage collection
  • Possible to use Ubuntu Xenial Xerus as target
  • changed behaviour of board leds (green == power, red == warning)
  • speed improvements for 1st automated reboot
  • Integrates OverlayFS backport

v5.05 / 8.3.2016

  • Auto detection for the Orange Pi 2 does work now
  • Mali acceleration works for all users not only root
  • verbose boot logging on 1st boot and after crashes (you can toggle verbose logging using sudo armbianmonitor -b)
  • more WiFi dongles supported due to backported firmware loader patch
  • all 3 USB ports on Orange Pi One (Lite) available (2 of them need soldering)
  • I2S possible on all Orange Pis (compare with the mini tutorial since you need to tweak script.bin)
  • default display resolution set to 720p60 to fix possible overscan issues on 1st boot
  • HW accelerated video decoding works for most formats
  • Booting from eMMC on OPi Plus now possible
  • Udoo quad images upgraded to 4.4.4

v5.04 / 1.3.2016

  • HDMI/DVI works (bug in boot.cmd settings)
  • Reboot issues fixed (bug in fex settings)
  • 1-Wire useable (we chose to stay compatible to loboris’ images so the data pin is 37 by default. You’re able to change this in the fex file)
  • changing display resolution and choosing between HDMI and DVI is now possible with the included h3disp tool (should also work in the stand-alone version with Debian based OS images from loboris/Xunlong). Use sudo h3disp in a terminal to get the idea.
  • Ethernet issues fixed (combination of kernel and fex fixes)
  • USB-to-SATA bridge on the Orange Pi Plus works
  • stability problems on Orange Pi One fixed (due to undervoltage based on wrong fex settings)
  • problems with 2 USB ports on the PC fixed (wrong kernel config)
  • Mali400MP acceleration (EGL/GLES) works now
  • suspend to RAM and resume by power button works now (consumption less than 0.4W without peripherals)
  • Enforce user account creation before starting the GUI
  • USB and Ethernet IRQs distributed nicely accross CPU cores
  • Full HDMI colour-range adjustable/accessible through h3disp utility
  • already useable as stable headless/server board
  • rebuilt Cubieboard 1 & 2 with 3.4.110 and 4.4.3
  • fixed Bluetooth on Cubietruck + rebuild with 3.4.110 and 4.4.3
  • all new images has no login policy: forced user generation

v5.03 / 20.2.2016

  • H3 images rebuilt

v5.02 / 18.2.2016

  • H3 images rebuilt

v5.01 / 17.2.2016

v5.00 / 12.2.2016

  • mainline kernel for Allwinner based boards upgraded to 4.4.1
  • Allwinner audio driver playback and capture on kernel 4.4.1, UAS, USB OTG, battery readings,
  • added Marvel Armada kernel 3.10.96, 4.4.1 and patches for changing mPCI to SATA
  • added Cubox / Hummingboard kernel 4.4.1 (serial console only)
  • firstrun does autoreboot only if needed: wheezy and some legacy kernels.
  • added motd to /etc/updated.motd … redesign, added battery info for Allwinner boards, bugfix, coloring
  • fixed temperature reading on Cubox / Hummingboard legacy kernel
  • fixed FB turbo building on Allwinner
  • fixed NAND install on A10 boards (Legacy kernel only)
  • fixed USB boot, added PWM on mainline
  • fixed Banana PRO/+ onboard wireless on mainline kernel - running with normal Banana DT.
  • readded USB sound
  • added A13 Olimex SOM
  • added LIRC GPIO receive and send driver for legacy Allwinner
  • added LED MMC activity to mainline kernels for Cubietruck and Cubieboard A10
  • build script: option to build images with F2FS root filesystem for Allwinner boards
  • build script: added alternative kernel for Lemaker Guitar (NEXT), Cubox (DEV)

v4.81 / 28.12.2015

  • complete build script rework
  • new development kernel package linux-image-dev-sunxi (4.4RC6) for Allwinner boards
  • added Lemaker Guitar, kernel 3.10.55
  • added Odroid XU3/4, kernel 3.10.94 and mainline 4.2.8
  • mainline kernel for Allwinner based boards upgraded to 4.3.3
  • Udoo mainline upgraded to 4.2.8, legacy to 3.14.58
  • cubox / hummingboard upgraded to 3.14.58, added mainline kernel 4.4
  • fixed Jessie RTC bug, systemd default on Jessie images

v4.70 / 30.11.2015

  • Bugfix update(apt-get update && apt-get upgrade)
  • small changes and fixes

v4.6 / 24.11.2015

  • Update only (apt-get update && apt-get upgrade)
  • mainline kernel for Allwinner based boards upgraded to 4.2.6
  • Legacy kernel for Allwinner based boards upgraded to 3.4.110
  • added new board: Udoo Neo
  • added USB printer, CAN, CMA, ZSWAP, USB video class, CDROM fs, sensor classs, … to Allwinner mainline kernel
  • nand-sata-install scripts rewrite. Now it’s possible to install to any partition.
  • fixed nand install for Allwinner A10 based boards: Cubieboard 1 / Lime A10
  • universal upgrade script bugfix / rewrite.
  • 8 channel HDMI support for legacy Allwinner kernel
  • unattended upgrade fixed
  • sunxi tools fixed
  • added two new options to build script: keep kernel config and use_ccache
  • added kernel version to motd

v4.5 / 14.10.2015

  • mainline kernel upgraded to 4.2.3 for Allwinner based boards
  • legacy kernel for Allwinner compiled from new sources (linux-sunxi)
  • udoo mainline upgraded to 4.2.3
  • cubox / hummingboard upgraded to 3.14.54
  • changed kernel naming: A10 = linux-image-sun4i, A20 = linux-image-sun7i
  • new boards: Banana M2, Orange+(A31S), Cubieboard 1, Cubieboard 2 Dual SD, Lime A10
  • fixed Udoo legacy wireless problems
  • fixed Jessie boot problems by disabling systemd. It’s possible to re-enable within boot scripts
  • added ramlog to Jessie because we don’t have systemd anymore
  • changed wireless driver for Cubietruck and Banana PRO (now it’s ap6210)
  • added ZRAM to mainline kernel
  • fixed dvbsky modules

and a bunch of small fixes.

v4.4 / 1.10.2015


  • mainline kernel upgrade to 4.2.2 (Allwinner, Udoo Quad),
  • legacy kernel upgraded to 3.4.109 (Allwinner),
  • added I2C support and bunch of multimedia modules (DVB) (mainline Allwinner),
  • Udoo quad images with fixed legacy kernel 3.14.28,
  • Cubox and Hummingboard kernel upgrade to 3.14.53,
  • brcmfmac driver fixes for mainline kernel (Banana PRO / Cubietruck)
  • performance tweak: choosing a closest Debian mirror (Debian images)
  • added Astrometa DVB firmware and dvb-tools
  • added Nikkov SPDIF / I2S recent patch (legacy Allwinner)
  • added patch for rtl8192cu: Add missing case in rtl92cu_get_hw_reg (Lamobo R1)
  • bigger NAND boot partition on install
  • install script bug fixes


  • force apt-get update on older rootfs cache,
  • image harden manipulation security,
  • packages NAND/FAT/same version install faling fixed,
  • image shrinking function rework,
  • better packages installation install checking,
  • added Debian keys to suppress warnings in debootstrap process,
  • added fancy progress bars,
  • added whiptail downloading prior to usage (bugfix).

v4.3 / 17.9.2015

  • kernel 4.2 for Allwinner based boards
  • kernel 4.2 for Udoo Quad
  • walk-around if ethernet is not detected on some boards due to RTC not set(?)
  • update is done (semi) automatic if you are using Armbian 4.2. You only need to issue command: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade. If you are coming from older system, check Documentation
  • U-boot on R1 is now updated to latest stable version (2015.07)
  • Fixed AW SOM. Working with latest u-boot but you need to build image by yourself.
  • Enabled whole USB net and HID section in kernel for Allwinner boards v4.2
  • Fixed upgrade script – only some minor bugs remains.
  • Fixes to build script that it’s working under Ubuntu 15.04
  • Adding Bananapi Wireless driver (ap6210) back to legacy kernel
  • Udoo official kernel (3.14.28) not updated due too many troubles.

v4.2 / 1.9.2015


  • Upgraded NAND / SATA installer. Possible to install to SATA/NAND boot in one step.
  • Easy kernel switching between old 3.4 and 4.x
  • Automatic kernel updating (to disable comment armbian repo /etc/apt/sources.list)
  • Allwinner boards share one 4.x kernel and two 3.4
  • All boards share the same revision number
  • One minimal Ubuntu Desktop per board (Wicd, Firefox, Word)
  • u-boot v2015.07 for most boards
  • Aufs file system support
  • kernel 4.1.6 and 3.4.108
  • Added Orangepi Mini, Cubieboard 1 (4.x only), Udoo with official kernel
  • Repository for Wheezy, Jessie and Trusty
  • enabled USB audio in kernel 4.x
  • kernel headers fixed. No need to rebuild when you update the kernel.
  • fixed boot scripts that can load from FAT partition too
  • removed Cubox binnary repository because of troubles
  • Docker support (kernel 4.x). Already here for a while / forget to mention.
  • nodm change default login

Build script:

  • changed structure: sources now in folder sources, output is what we produce, deb in one folder
  • expanded desktop part
  • possible to build all images at once, create package repository
  • SD card initial size is 4Gb, variable transfered into configuration.sh
  • Avaliable board list is now created from file configuration.sh
  • Fixed image shrinking problem
  • Patching part rework
  • Using first FAT boot partition now fixes boot scripts
  • Uboot TAG moved to configuration.sh and differs for some boards
  • new variables for source branches. Only too remove errors when checking out

v4.1 / 5.8.2015

  • Added desktop image
  • U-Boot 2015.07 with many new features
  • Added auto system update via repository apt.armbian.com
  • Root password change is initialized at first boot.
  • 3.4.108 kernel fixes, 4.1.4 Allwinner Security System

v4.0 / 12.7.2015

  • Fixed stability issues, temperature display in 4.x
  • Kernel upgrades to 3.4.108 and 4.1.2

v3.9 / 11.6.2015

  • Bugfix release
  • Kernel 4.0.5 traffic control support
  • SATA / USB install fixed on kernel 4.x
  • Added 256Mb emergency swap area, created automatically @first boot

v3.8 / 21.5.2015

  • Bugfix release: Cubietruck images successfully booted on Cubietruck. I waited for automatic reboot than tested remote login.
  • Kernel 4.0.4 added support for power on/off button
  • Both: Jessie fixed, Ethernet init fixed (uboot)
  • armbian.com introduction

v3.7 / 14.5.2015

  • Kernel 4.0.3 some new functionality
  • Kernel 3.4.107 added sunxi display manager to change FB on demand
  • Both: Ubuntu and jessie install errors fixed, removed busybox-syslogd and changed to default logger due to problems in Jessie and Ubuntu, apt-get upgrade fixed, documentations update, Uboot fixed to 2015.4 – no more from dev branch
  • Build script rework - image size shrink to actual size, possible to have fat boot partition on SD card, several script bug fixes

v3.6 / 29.4.2015

  • Kernel 3.19.6
  • Kernel 3.4.107 with better BT loading solution

v3.5 / 18.4.2015

  • Kernel 3.19.4: fixed AP mode, fixed USB, added 8192CU module
  • Common: apt-get upgrade ready but not enabled yet, serial console fixed, fixed hostapd under jessie, easy kernel switching, latest patched hostapd for best performance – normal and for realtek adaptors, auto IO scheduler script
  • Build script: everything packed as DEB

v3.4 / 28.3.2015

  • Kernel 3.19.3: docker support, apple hid, pmp, nfsd, sata peformance fix
  • Kernel 3.4.106: pmp, a20_tp - soc temp sensor
  • Common: console setup fixed, headers bugfix, nand install fix
  • Build script: kernel build only, custom packets install, hardware accelerated desktop build as option

v3.3 / 28.2.2015

  • Kernel 3.19.0: many new functionality and fixes.
  • Bugfixes: CT wireless works in all kernels

v3.2 / 24.1.2015

  • Possible to compile external modules on both kernels
  • Kernel 3.19.0 RC5
  • Bugfixes: install script, headers, bashrc, spi

v3.1 / 16.1.2015

  • Kernel 3.19.0 RC4
  • Added Cubieboard 1 images
  • Dualboot for CB2 and CT dropped due to u-boot change. Now separate images.
  • New user friendly SATA + USB installer, also on mainline

v3.0 / 29.12.2014

  • Kernel 3.18.1 for mainline image
  • Added Ubuntu Trusty (14.04 LTS) image
  • Bugfixes: auto packages update

v2.9 / 3.12.2014

  • Kernel 3.4.105 with new MALI driver and other fixes
  • Added: Jessie image
  • Major build script rewrite - much faster image building
  • Fixed: failed MIN/MAX settings

v2.8 / 17.10.2014

  • Added: ondemand governor, fhandle, squashfs and btrfs
  • Removed: bootsplash, lvm, version numbering in issue
  • Fixed: custom scripts, Jessie upgrade
  • Disabled: BT firmware loading, enable back with: insserv brcm40183-patch
  • Added working driver for RT 8188C, 8192C

v2.7 / 1.10.2014

  • Kernel 3.4.104
  • Automatic Debian system updates
  • VGA output is now default but if HDMI is attached at first boot than it switch to HDMI for good. After first restart!
  • Fixed NAND install script. /boot is mounted by default. Kernel upgrade is now the same as on SD systems. Cubieboard2 - disabled Cubietruck dedicated scripts (BT firmware, LED disable)
  • Added network bonding and configuration for “notebook” mode (/etc/network/interfaces.bonding)
  • IR receiver is preconfigured with default driver and LG remote (/etc/lirc/lircd.conf), advanced driver is present but disabled
  • Added SPI and LVM functionality
  • Added Debian logo boot splash image
  • Added build essentials package

v2.6 / 22.8.2014

  • Kernel 3.4.103 and 3.17.0-RC1
  • Added GPIO patch (only for 3.4.103)

v2.5 / 2.8.2014

  • Kernel 3.4.101 and 3.16.0-RC4
  • major build script rewrite

v2.4 / 11.7.2014

  • Kernel 3.4.98
  • default root password (1234) expires at first login
  • build script rewrite, now 100% non-interactive process, time zone as config option
  • bug fixes: removed non-existing links in /lib/modules

v2.3 / 2.7.2014

  • Kernel 3.4.96
  • cpuinfo serial number added
  • bug fixes: stability issues - downclocked to factory defaults, root SSH login enabled in Jessie, dedicated core for eth0 fix
  • disp_vsync kernel patch

v2.2 / 26.6.2014

  • Kernel 3.4.94
  • Added Jessie distro image
  • Updated hostapd, bashrc, build script
  • bug fixes: disabled upgrade and best mirror search @firstboot, bluetooth enabler fix
  • MD5 hash image protection

v2.1 / 13.6.2014

  • Kernel 3.4.93
  • Onboard Bluetooth finally works
  • Small performance fix
  • Allwinner Security System cryptographic accelerator

v2.0 / 2.6.2014

  • Kernel 3.4.91 with many fixes
  • Cubieboard 2 stability issues fix
  • eth0 interrupts are using dedicated core
  • Global bashrc /etc/bash.bashrc
  • Verbose output and package upgrade @ first run

v1.9 / 27.4.2014

  • Kernel headers included
  • Clustering support
  • Advanced IR driver with RAW RX and TX
  • Bluetooth ready (working only with supported USB devices)
  • Bugfixes: VLAN, login script, build script
  • New packages: lirc, bluetooth

v1.8 / 27.3.2014

  • Kernel 3.4.79
  • Alsa I2S patch + basic ALSA utils
  • Performance tweaks: CPU O.C. to 1.2Ghz, IO scheduler NOOP for SD, CFQ for sda, journal data writeback enabled
  • Avaliable memory = 2000MB
  • Minimized console output at boot
  • MAC address from chip ID, manual optional
  • Latest (Access point) hostapd, 2.1 final release
  • Login script shows current CPU temp, hard drive temp & actual free memory
  • Fastest Debian mirror auto selection @first boot
  • New packages: alsa-utils netselect-apt sysfsutils hddtemp bc

v1.7 / 26.2.2014

  • Flash media performance tweaks, reduced writings, tmp & logging to RAM with ramlog app – sync logs on shutdown
  • SATA install script
  • Dynamic MOTD: Cubieboard / Cubietruck
  • Disabled Debian logo at startup
  • New packages: figlet toilet screen hdparm libfuse2 ntfs-3g bash-completion

v1.6 / 9.2.2014

  • Added support for Cubieboard 2
  • Build script creates separate images for VGA and HDMI
  • NAND install script added support for Cubieboard 2

v1.52 / 7.2.2014

  • Various kernel tweaks, more modules enabled
  • Root filesystem can be moved to USB drive
  • Bugfixes: NAND install script

v1.5 / 22.1.2014

  • Hotspot Wifi Access Point / Hostapd 2.1
  • Bugfixes: MAC creation script, SSH keys creation, removed double packages, …
  • Graphics desktop environment upgrade ready

v1.4 / 12.1.2014

  • Patwood’s kernel 3.4.75+ with many features
  • Optimized CPU frequency scaling 480-1010Mhz with interactive governor
  • NAND install script included
  • Cubietruck MOTD
  • USB redirector – for sharing USB over TCP/IP

v1.3 / 3.1.2014

  • CPU frequency scaling 30-1000Mhz
  • Patch for gpio

v1.23 / 1.1.2014

  • added HDMI version
  • added sunxi-tools
  • build.sh transfered to Github repository
  • disabled LED blinking

v1.2 / 26.12.2013

  • changed kernel and hardware config repository
  • kernel 3.4.61+
  • wi-fi working
  • updated manual how-to

v1.0 / 24.12.2013

  • total memory available is 2G (disabled memory for GPU by default)
  • gigabit ethernet is fully operational
  • sata driver enabled
  • root filesystem autoresize
  • MAC address fixed at first boot
  • Kernel 3.4.75
  • root password=1234
  • Bugs: wifi and BT not working