What is Armbian Linux?


BASH shell, standard Debian/Ubuntu utilities. Common and specific features can be with minimalistic menu-driven utility. Login is possible via serial, HDMI/VGA or SSH.


No bloatware or spyware. Special utilities are completely optional. Suitable for newcomers and professionals.


A distributed image is compacted to real data size and starts at around 1G. Size is optimized for SD card usage. Bigger is better. Installing applications later severely reduces the life of your SD card. They were not designed for this type of usage.


Boards are optimized on kernel and userspace level. DVFS optimization, memory log caching, browser profile memory caching, swap usage tuning, garbage commit delay. Our system runs almost read-only and it is one of the the fastest Linux for many development boards in just about every case.


Security level is on a stock Debian level and can be hardened with the configuration utility. It provides a good starting point for industrial or home usage. A system is regularly inspected by professionals within a community. Each official stable build is thoroughly tested. Images are a direct base for all 3rd party builders.


Providing long term updates, security fixes, documentation, user support.


Deep understanding how boards work, how operating system work and how hardware should be designed to run better. Involved in board design. Experience in Linux since early 90’. Specialized in ARM development boards since 2013.


Opensource build script and kernel development, maintenance and distribution for more than 30 different ARM and ARM64 Linux kernels. Powerful build and software development tools. Can run in fully parallel mode. Can run under Docker.