Armbian Documentation


Documentation is written in markdown and stored in the docs/ subfolder. Images go in docs/images

This repo is meant for storing and quick glances. Official output is

Armbian Documentation is available in the following formats:

Armbian Documentation relies on a file naming convention:

Parent-Topic-Name and Child-Topic-Name are separated by an underscore _. Hyphens - are automatically converted to spaces.

Please try to avoid creating new parent topics unless absolutely necessary.

Current Parent Topics:

  • Hardware
  • Process
  • Release
  • Developer Guide
  • User Guide
  • Howto


For easier testing and commits .gitignore is configured to ignore site/

mkdocs.yml should probably be added, but we can commit for now

Required Packages

The documentation build process will require the following packages:

  • git
  • python-jinja2
  • mkdocs

Install these on the development host using:

sudo apt-get install -y -qq git python-jinja2 mkdocs


generates mkdocs.yml file based on contents of docs/

  • command-line options for input and output directories
  • requires the python-jinja2 module which may not be installed by default
  • not needed unless making changes to the structure of the documentation
  • see -h for help

missing tools

The following capabilities are not yet available.


From the parent folder of the repo, run:

tools/ && mkdocs build

This will generate the mkdocs.yml configuration file and then generate the mkdocs site to the site/ folder.


To preview locally, execute the preview server mkdocs serve. You will be able to make edits to existing files and observe the results in real time.

After changing text in an existing file, use this command to rebuild and view the documentation:

mkdocs build --clean && mkdocs serve

After adding a new file, either hand-edit mkdocs.yml, or rerun tools/

Quick Start

pip install mkdocs
git clone
#vim docs/[Parent Topic Example]
#generate config, build, launch local preview server
tools/ && mkdocs build --clean && mkdocs serve
git add docs/*.md
git commit -m "added new howto on exampling"
git push